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Get started with complete SQL Server Business Intelligence from choosing your programming language to understanding data components (databases, tables, views, functions, triggers, stored procedures, event handling), ETLs, Data visualisations (Reporting Services and Power BI), data modeling, data warehousing (Azure SQL Server, MDX, Cubes, facts and dimensions) and in-database analytics ( R Services in SQL Server) by watching our SQL tutorials. 
A sort expression controls the order in which data appears in a data region. You can add interactive sort buttons to enable a user to toggle between ascending and descending order for rows in a table or for rows and columns in a matrix. The most common use of interactive sort is to add a sort button to every column header. The user can then choose which column to sort by. 

SSRS reports are designed to display graphs, charts and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) very beautifully in the different kinds of the dashboards. A Key Performance Indicators (KPI) is any measurable value in our report that has business significance, for example, Total Sales. If we want to display the current state of a KPI's on a report, we can use one of three different approaches:

Drill-down describes an increasing granularity in the management of data with comfortable functions for navigating through the data where user is capable to jump to the next level of detail or the next report object on the same level, hide individual levels and switch between the detail and drilldown data information. 

These beautiful features bring a lot of satisfaction to report writer and developers to marge values from two datasets. These functions are is playing a very handy role to combine data from two datasets in a single data region which was not possible in earlier versions of Reporting Services.

Multi-value parameters allow us to select more than one value for a report parameter. To create a multiple values parameterised report, we must have to change report parameters properties from single valued to multi-valued and must have made the necessary changes in a query also, a filter, and an expression to accommodate using a multi-value parameter collection. 

SSRS - How to Create or Build Drill-Through in SSRS
A drill-through reports is the combination of the two reports. One report is known as the base or main report having link option to call another report. Another report is known as the sub report in this scenario and must have the parameterized functionality because drill-through reports commonly contain details about an item that is contained in an original summary report.

SSRS -  Read images data from the SQL Server database
SQL Server Reporting Services has a feature to read images data from the SQL Server database. To render the images on the report, we use the special report item called Image that contains a reference to an image that is embedded in the report, stored in a database, stored on the report server, or stored elsewhere on the Web. An image can be a picture that is repeated with rows of data. An image can be used as a background for certain report items also.


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