Tuesday, November 5, 2019

PowerBI - Maintain Slicer Values through Bookmarks

You are creating a Power BI dashboard and using more than one bookmarks with multiple slicers and your dashboard is not able to maintain the selected slicer values across the navigation of the bookmarks. 
This is because the slicer does not maintain the value between different views of Summary and Detail.

If you want to maintain the slicer selected values though the bookmarks then it is very easy task to do it in Power BI. 

Simply, go to your bookmark pane and right click on it and deselect the Data option as given below-

If you are using more than one bookmarks in your dashboard then you have to unselected all the Data options for each bookmark. When you create a bookmark with this option active it will always return to that specific filter in your case is the All.

If you do this for all your bookmarks you should be able to go from one to the other keeping slicer choice.
Note: Please keep in mind that this feature is selected by default. 
By unchecking the Data option from the bookmarks, it will keep slicer values across bookmarks, however it removes ALL filters regardless of if its a Page Filter, Visual Filter, or Slicer, which means that any default filters are dropped.
If you want keep some default values on your dashboard then you should need to place the default values on your slicer and then selecting all those slicers create a bookmark and select the option Selected visuals, keeping the Data option active.
When you do that the all the slicer will keep the values on other slicers but the one you select will go back to the default values.