Tuesday, January 10, 2017

SSRS - File Share Delivery Subscription

We know that SSRS supports both on-demand (pull) and event-based (push) delivery of reports where event based delivery of reports is known as Report Subscription. We can easily configure the automatic delivery of specified reports by e-mail or to a file share at scheduled intervals. In this tutorial, we will learn how to subscribe a report at shared file location or directory.

Pre-requisite for File Share Subscription
  • SQL Server Agent Service should run.
  • Service account that is using for file share subscription should have read/write access to shared folder.
  • To create the report subscription, we should have "Manage individual subscriptions" or "View a report" permissions.
  • Report must have stored the credential security and used embedded connection instead of shared data source reference.
  • Users who will use these reports must have read only access to the shared folder.

Steps to implement file share subscription in SSRS 2016
Go to Report Manager URL e.g. (http://<local server>/reports ). Open the report folder or directory and right click on that report which we want to subscribe as given below:

After clicking on the Manage, it will open the Edit <Report Name> page as given below:

To create the subscription, click on the subscriptions on the page as given below:

Now, we can see that there is no subscription on the report. To create a new subscription, click on the +New subscription to lunch the subscription options. Fill the description of the subscription and choose Standard subscription from the Type of subscription as given below:

Scroll down the page and choose Report-specific schedule from Schedule section and click on Edit schedule link button as given below:

After clicking on the Edit schedule, we need to fill the schedule details. In our case, we are using daily report subscription. We are subscribing this report from the start date (begin running this schedule on) to end date (Stop this schedule on) as given below:

After clicking on the Apply button, we need to set the destination. In this section, we are choosing as “Window File Share” as given below:

In the Destination section, for Window File Share, we have to set the shared file path, render format of the report as PDF as given below:

To set the credentials, we are using window user credentials and overwrite options as Overwrite an existing file with a newer version  as given below:

Scroll down the report subscription page to set the report parameters. In this section, we need to set the static parameters to the report as given below:

After doing all the steps, just click on “Create subscription” button and you have created File Share Delivery subscription in SSRS 2016 as given below:

Note: The report is delivered as a static file. If the report includes interactive features (for example, links to additional rows and columns), those features are not available.


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