Monday, January 30, 2017

SSRS – How to Add Fixed Row Column Header in Report

In this SSRS Tutorial, You will be learning How to Fixed Column header in every new page in SSRS to organise and summarise your data in a better manner. We know that Page Break and Fixed header provides a way of managing large amounts of report. 
After adding Page Break functionality in our report, we will observer that column header is not repeating in every new page. To prevent row and column labels from scrolling out of view after rendering a report, we can freeze the row or column headings.
To fix your row header or column headings in every new page of the report, we need to do some additional settings where we need to go Column Group and choose Advanced Mode as given below:

 After choosing the Advanced Mode, the Row Groups pane displays the hierarchical static and dynamic members for the row groups hierarchy, and the Column groups pane shows a similar display for the column groups hierarchy in the design mode as given below:

Now, we need to click on the top most group and will do some settings in their properties.  
In the properties section, we need to set KeepTogether as True and ReportOnNewPage as True which were set as false by default as given below:

After doing the above setting in the report, preview of the report and the static tablix members remain in view as given below:

Now go to the next page of the report where you see the report table header is visible and also visible in every new page as given below:

So, it is another easy setting in SSRS report to repeat your columns header in every new page with page break functionality. SSRS gives us ability to control whether to repeat row and column headers on every page of a Reporting Services paginated report for a tablix data region (a table, matrix, or list) that spans multiple pages.
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