Monday, January 30, 2017

SSRS – How to Add Page Break in Report

In the report, Page Break functionality gives a control on the amount of information on each page and can improve the performance of published reports because only the items on each page have to be processed as we view the report. If we try to show all the information on the same page, it will take a huge amount of time because SSRS engine must need to be processed all items before we can view the report.
To understand this functionality, we are using an example by assuming that we have Regional Sales report and we need to add page break functionality on the report in the starting of the every new Sales Region group as given below:

In the Report Design mode, we have two levels of group as Row Groups and Column Groups as given below:

We need to go in the Row Groups section, we need to right click on the top most group on the report and choose group properties as given below:
It will open Group Properties window where we need to go in the Page Breaks Section and select Between each instance of a group to add a page break between each instance of a group in the table. Optionally, select Also at the start of a group or Also at the end of a group to specify that a page break be added when a group starts or ends in the table.

In this section, we are not choosing any optional options (Also at the start of a group or Also at the end of a group) and just click on the OK button. After doing this, preview of the report as given below:

Now, we can see that page break functionality is working on the report. This is very easy to implement this functionality in SSRS. To see the live demo, you can visit us at -


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