Friday, August 31, 2018

SSRS - Export SSRS report into multiple excel sheets name

SSRS is the most amazing data visualisation tool which provides many amazing features. One of the best feature of this tools is to export data into multiple sheets in excel and provides Name the worksheets according to group value. We can assign dynamically sheet name / tab name. When SSRS report is exported into excel format then the report data will be divided into multiple sheets and each sheet must have Tablix Header.

To create multi tabbed report, we have to follow the following steps -
  1. Add Row Group to the report and choose Parent Group
  2. In Group Properties window, choose Page Break and checked Between each instance of a group
  3. In Row Group section, click on Group details and go to property window
  4. In property window, open expression window for PageName and assign the group name from the report dataset
  5. To fix tablix header in every new sheet/tab, Click on Advance mode form Row and Column Group and set true property of KeepTogether and RepeatOnNewPage
  6. Preview of the report ---- Done
For actual implementation, please watch the below video -

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