Tuesday, August 28, 2018

SSRS - How to creating Dynamic Tabs in SSRS Report

In this video of SSRS Tutorial, we will learn that how to create a SSRS Report with dynamic Tabs and pull the data according to selected tab.

As you know that there is no straight forward way to include tabs in SSRS report builder. We have to achieve this by using different tricks. Here is what we will learn while creating this report by using some normal steps and some logical tricks.

Few steps to follow- 
  1. Create Empty report in SSRS in SSRS Project
  2. Add Report Header so can display the Report Title on each of the Page
  3. Add dataset for dynamic tabs
  4. Add Matrix and assign dataset as dataset name property
  5. Drop tabs value from dataset into matrix column header
  6. Add parameter for dynamic tab to filter the data 
  7. Set colour formatting for tabs based on the condition as per in the below video 
  8. Add action to matrix column and provide the parameter from dataset column
  9. Hide the report parameter
  10. Add another dataset to pull the data from the database and filter the data by passing the value from the parameter
  11. Add table to generate the tablix report and set the dataset name
  12. Drop columns from the report dataset
  13. Do needful formatting to the report
  14. Preview the report

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