Friday, August 9, 2019

Talend ETL - How to load any files into Azure Tables Storage

Here is an example of using Talend components to connect to a Microsoft Azure storage account that gives you access to Azure storage table service, write some yearly sales data into an Azure storage table.

Process flow -
•Creating Azure Storage Connection - Connecting to an Azure storage account
•Creating File Delimited Connection - Connecting to Raw Data File
•Showing Data of Raw Data File
•Load Data into Azure Storage Tables

List of Talend components -
1.tAzureStorageConnection - to connecting to an Azure storage account
2.tInputFileDelimited – Pull the data from the Raw data file and pass to another component
3.tLogRow – allows us to write data, that is flowing through our Job (rows), to the console
4.tAzureStorageOutputTable  - Performs the defined action on a given Azure storage table and inserts, replaces, merges or deletes entities in the table based on the incoming data from the preceding component
a.Partition Key -Select the schema column that holds the partition key value from the drop-down list.
b.Row Key - Select the schema column that holds the row key value from the drop-down list.
Microsot Azure Storage Explorer - To connect with Azure Storage Account and go through all the services over there.

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