Monday, August 12, 2019

Talend ETL - Move NoSQL MongoDB Data into Azure SQL Database

Here you will learn, How to Move NoSQL MongoDB Data into Azure SQL Database Table by using Talend Open Studio.
There are ways to transfer/sync data from mongodb to sql-server and Mongodb contains collections instead of table and the data is stored differently.

There is no way to directly move data from MongoDB to SQL Server. Because MongoDB data is non-relational, any such movement must involve defining a target relational data model in SQL Server, and then developing a transformation that can take the data in MongoDB and transform it into the target data model.

Most ETL tools such as Kettle or Talend can help you with this process, or if you're a glutton for punishment, you can just write gobs of code.

Keep in mind that if you need this transformation process to be online, or applied more than once, you may need to tweak it for any small changes in the structure or types of the data stored in MongoDB. As an example, if a developer adds a new field to a document inside a collection, your ETL process will need rethinking (possibly new data model, new transformation process, etc.).

Process of data flow -
Creating Azure SQL DB Connection - Connecting to an Azure SQL Database
Creating NoSQL Connection - Connecting to NoSQL MongoDB 
Pull data from NoSQL MongoDB collections
Showing Data of from NoSQL MongoDB
Load Data into Azure SQL Database

List of Talend components-
1. tMongoDBInput - Connecting to NoSQL MongoDB and pull the requested documents
2. tLogRow – allows us to write data, that is flowing through our Job (rows), to the console
3. tDBOutput -  Connecting with Azure SQL Database and load data into Azure SQL Database Table

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