Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DW - Hybrid OLAP Servers

OLAP is a powerful analysis tool for forecasting, statistical computations, aggregations and involves more than just the multidimensional display of information. OLAP tools also must be able to extract and summarise requested data according to the needs of an end user, and there are two approaches for this data extraction that need to be discussed.
OLAP's multidimensional data model and data aggregation techniques organize and summarize large amounts of data so it can be evaluated quickly using online analysis and graphical tools. The answer to a query into historical data often leads to subsequent queries as the analyst searches for answers or explores possibilities. OLAP systems provide the speed and flexibility to support the analyst in real time.
Types of OLAP Servers
Cubes in a data warehouse are stored in three different modes and we can have four types of OLAP servers which are given below:
Hybrid OLAP Servers: They are combination of ROLAP (Relational OLAP) and MOLAP (Multidimensional OLAP) which are other possible implementations of OLAP. HOLAP allows storing part of the data in a MOLAP store and another part of the data in a ROLAP store, allowing a tradeoff of the advantages of each. 
The degree of control that the cube designer has over this partitioning varies from product to product.

HOLAP technologies attempt to combine the advantages of MOLAP and ROLAP. For summary-type information, HOLAP leverages cube technology for faster performance. When detail information is needed, HOLAP can "drill through" from the cube into the underlying relational data. 
For example, a HOLAP server may allow large volumes of detail data to be stored in a relational database, while aggregations are kept in a separate MOLAP store. The Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 OLAP Services supports a hybrid OLAP server.


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