Friday, June 21, 2019

SSRS - How to create a Dashboard Report

In this tutorial, we will learn "How to create a Dashboard Report" in SSRS. 
A dashboard may be a combination of multiple sub-reports or can use the multiple components to create your dashboards such as various type of charts, matrix, tablix, list, gauges, indicators as per your requirements.

You will see the step by step approaches to create SSRS dashboard reports that holds a different kind of reports with an example. 
For this SSRS Dashboard example, we are going to use the Shared Data Source, and Shared Dataset.
Before creating a dashboard, you should determine the dashboard content and audience by working high level executives to develop your Key Performance Indicators because your dashboard is not your dashboard. It's the company's dashboard. As such, you need to find a high level business owner that will partner with you on it as you develop it. You need to show them your work at several points during the construction process, and make modifications when needed. Consider it a partnership. 
Before implementing the dashboard solution, stage a demo and get the advice of a couple of top level Executives on content, presentation and security. Let them think about it and get back to you.

"A digital dashboard, also known as an enterprise dashboard or executive dashboard, is a business management tool used to visually ascertain the status (or "health") of a business enterprise via key business indicators. Digital dashboards use visual, at-a-glance displays of data pulled from disparate business systems to provide warnings, action notices, next steps, and summaries of business conditions."

We are using four different charts to create dashboard-
  • Column Chart - To show the sales vs taxes performance 
  • Bar Chart - To display the top sales performer 
  • Pie Charts - To show the sales contribution by product category
  • Area Chart - To display the sales vs taxes by product category

Few points to remembers -
  • Use the same font size for the header text and other text
  • Understand the steps involved in formatting labels, legends and pallets
  • Adjust the Charts in SSRS dashboard to look like a Group

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