Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Talend ETL - Creating Azure Storage Blob Container
In this tutorial, we will learn "How to create Azure Storage Blob Container" in Talend Open Studio. 
We are amusing that you have already an Azure account and have all the credentials to connect from Talend Open Studio to Azure Storage Blob.

Note: If you don't have an Azure subscription, then create a free account before you begin.

Here, we will focus on Talend - Azure Storage Blob
Creating Azure Storage Connection - Setting for connecting to an Azure storage account
Account name -Enter the name of the storage account to be connected to. 
Account key - Enter the primary or the secondary key associated with the storage account to be used. These keys can be found in the Manage Access Key dashboard in the Azure Storage system to be connected to.
Protocol list - select the protocol for the endpoint of the storage account to be used. 

Creating a container in Azure Blob Storage - Here, you have to set up the Azure storage connection. 
Fill Container name, you need to create. If a container using the same name exists, that container will be overwritten at run-time.
Access control - select the access restriction level for the container to be created
Check existence of the container- setup the Azure storage connection and provide the name of the container which you want to check for existence. If Azure blob storage container is exists then it will return True otherwise False.

Caputre the output message 

List of Talend components-
1. tAzureStorageConnection - to connecting to an Azure storage account
2. tAzureStorageContainerCreate – to creating a container
3. tAzureStorageContainerExist  - to Verifying the creation
4. tJava – To show the output message 

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