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TSQL - How to Send Email/Alert with attached files in SQL Server

In this tutorial, you will learn "How to Send Email/Alert with attached files By Using Gmail SMTP Server and T-SQL" in SQL Server.

Database mail is the most useful feature of SQL Server which allows us to send email though the database. This feature can be used in reporting services, integration services and in our application also.

How to get Gmail Password for APP

TSQL - Database Email Configuration || By Using Gmail SMTP Server

By using this feature, we can easily tracks the email logs also and schedule these email alerts by the help of SQL Server Agent.

Well, we will learn how to enable and configure database mail in SQL Server using T-SQL codes without using Database Mail Configuration Wizard.

Sending an email with an attachment directly from SQL Server can be useful in certain scenarios where automated notifications or reports need to be delivered to stakeholders or systems. Here are a few reasons why you might want to send emails with attachments from SQL Server:

Automated Reporting: SQL Server can generate reports or data extracts based on scheduled tasks or triggers. These reports can be automatically attached to emails and sent to relevant recipients, allowing for streamlined distribution of information.

Alerts and Notifications: SQL Server can monitor database events or conditions and trigger alerts when specific criteria are met (e.g., low disk space, failed jobs, exceeding thresholds). These alerts can be sent via email with relevant information or diagnostic data attached as an attachment.

Data Export: SQL Server may need to export data in a specific format (e.g., CSV, Excel) for consumption by external systems or users. This exported data can be attached to an email and sent to designated recipients or systems for further processing.

Integration with External Systems: SQL Server may need to interact with other systems or processes that require data exchange via email. Attaching files to emails allows SQL Server to seamlessly integrate with these external systems or processes.

Automated Workflows: Emails with attachments can be part of automated workflows or processes within an organization. For example, exporting data from SQL Server, attaching it to an email, and sending it to a specific department for review or analysis.

Auditing and Compliance: In regulated industries, such as finance or healthcare, sending data via email with attachments may be necessary for auditing and compliance purposes. SQL Server can automate this process to ensure data integrity and security.

The below steps will be defined step by steps as given below–
🔍Activate & Authorize Email Account
🔍Configured Database Email with Profile
🔍Enable Advanced Option for CMD
🔍Generate CSV file with BCP Command
🔍Send Email with Attachment CSV file

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