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With over 17 years of experience in the data engineering stack on a variety of cloud and on-premise systems. We have delivered over ten complete enterprise solutions for business users, data analytics, data science, and data visualization teams, including legacy systems, cloud-based technologies and tools, data lakes, as well as data warehouses, by streamlining data pipelines, building data warehouses, BI reports, and dashboards.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect in design, guidance, assessment, direction, mentoring/training on BI and build a wholistic Data WH solutions at on-premise and cloud based technologies-

Google Cloud Platform: Google BigQuery to build data components (database/data warehouse), Google Compute Engine by using Python/PySpark, Google Cloud Storage for handling files, Dataflow, Data Proc /Data Fusion to build up ETL processes, and Cloud Function/Cloud Scheduler and Cloud Composer to automate the data pipeline process.

AWS Platform: Amazon SageMaker to convert business aspects to functional aspects; Amazon S3 bucket to load multiple files; Amazon Redshift to build data components (database/data warehouse); and Lambda functions, EMR, EC2, Cloud Watch, and Amazon Event Bridge to automate the AWS Glue data pipeline process.

Azure Platform: Azure DataBricks, Azure Data Factory to build ETLs, ADLS to store data files, Azure SQL Server to build databases and data warehouses, Azure Functions, Time Trigger, and Azure Synapse Analytics.

Build complex Python and PySpark based codes in Azure DataBricks, GCP Vertex VI and AWS Sagemaker.

Data migration from AWS S3, Redshift, Salesforce, SharePoint, Confluent Kafka Streaming data, SFMC, Salesforce, RustAPI and APIs to GCP BigQuery/Cloud storage or vice-versa.

Social Media (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) expert, YouTuber and Blogger on various technologies

We can do a full review your environment and provide a DW/BI architecture assessment report, and be available for short-term reviews, assessments and mentoring as your project progresses.  We can also recommend people/consulting companies to build your solution or help interview consulting companies you are considering. 
We can help answer such questions as:

– Are we using the best technologies/tools for this project?
– Are there other technologies/tools that would help us?
– Do we have the best architecture?
– Is this how other companies do it?

Making the correct decisions early in the project is vital.  You don’t want to realise six months into a project that you made a mistake or there was a much better way and now have to go back and re-work everything.  This is what we can help to prevent!
Send me an email and we can discuss your needs.

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