Monday, November 6, 2023

Data Engineering — Best ETL Solution

Data engineering is fighting over standards and governance, and it is not easy to align a large organization to a set of governing standards. You must choose the technology stack and tools that are appropriate for you, the company, and your requirements. If you are searching for ETL solutions for the enterprise, the following are some extra considerations- 

  1. Market availability of skill set
  2. No code or low code
  3. Monitoring your pipelines has never been easier
  4. Model of licensing. It depends on the number of automobiles, memory, and so on.


Note: In your tooling, make a split in data ingestion, data transformation and data storage and look for those 3 parts separately.

For example, you can work on a full open-source data platform with-

1.  Airbyte or Airflow for data ingestion,

2. dbt or DataForm for transformation and

3. you can use a combination of Postgress, minio and clickhouse for storage.


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