Tuesday, May 3, 2016

SSRS - Deploying Reports on the Report Server

Report deployment comes after developing the report in the BIDS/ Report Builder/ SQL Data Tools without any issue. To visualize the report to the end users/business users, we need to deploy the report on the report server. So, there are lots of techniques to deploy the report on the report server. Now, we have the following developed reports in the development environment-

In the section, we will go through them step by steps. The most common techniques are given below:
  1. Report Deployment from BIDS/Report Builder/SQL Server Data Tools.
  2. Report Deployment from Report Manager.
  3. RS command prompt utility
  4. Backup and Restore of Report Server DB.
Prerequisite Requests - Before deploying the reports on the report server, we should be verified the following thing on the report server-
  1. Reporting Services should be configured in the instance and SQL Server Reporting services should be run as given below:

  1. Reports that need to deploy should run in the BIDS/ Report Builder/ SQL Data Tools without any issue.
  2. Report Server and Report Manager URL should work.
Now, we are going to deploy our SSRS report on the server with Report Deployment from BIDS/Report Builder/SQL Server Data Tools. In this section, we need to do some important settings in the BIDS environments such as given below-
  1. First of all, we need to build the report solution to avoid any issue with the report. For this, we need to right click on the report project and click on the build to execute the build process as given below:
  2. After build the solution successfully, right click again on project top node named “SQLReports” and choose Properties to open the properties window as given below-
  3. In the SQLReports Properties page, if you want to reset the data sources and datasets then this property should be reset as true otherwise false. In this window, you should need to set the TargetServerURL as your actual report server URL as given below-
  4. After doing the needful setting click on the apply button then OK button to close the window.
  5. It's very important to verify the report server before deploying the report. For this just open the http://localhost/reportserver
  6. Now, come back to the BIDS environment and right click on the project solution to click on the deploy as given below:
  7. After successfully deployment of the report on the server, go to the report server and see the report in the report directory as given below:
  8. Now, go to the report manager to set the data source for the report. Right click on the report and choose manage as given below-
  9. In report manage property window, choose data sources. In data sources, shared data source will be blank for the first time. Click on the browse button as given below-
  10. In the data source window, choose the data source from the data sources directory and click OK button.
  11. After clicking on the Apply button, we have finally configured report on the report server. It's the time for the report execution. Now, go back to the report server and  just click on the report link to execute the report as given below:
    Now, we are able to share the report link to end users/business users to get the information from the report.
Now, we will learn how to deploy the report with the help of Report Manager.

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