Friday, October 16, 2020

Python — Retrieve matching rows from two Dataframes

This is the most common requirement to pull the common records from the two dataframes in Python if you are working as a Python developer/data analytics or data scientist for any organisation.

For an example, you have some users data in a dataframe-1 and you have to new users data in a dataframe-2, then you have to find out all the matched records from dataframe-2 and dataframe-1 by using pandas and retrieve matching rows and report to the business for the reason of these records.

So, we are here to show you the logic to get these matched records from two datasets/dataframes in Python.

# pandas library for data manipulation in python
import pandas as pd
#create NaN Values in Pandas DataFrame by numpy
import numpy as np
#creating dataframe-1
df1 = pd.DataFrame({
‘Name’: [‘Ryan’,’Rosy’,’Wills’,’Tom’,’Alice’,’Volter’,’Jay’,’John’,’Ronny’],
‘Age’: [25,26,14,19,22,28,30,32,28],
‘Height’: [189.0,193.0,200.0,155.0,165.0,170.0,172.0,156.0,165.0]})
#creating dataframe-2
df2 = pd.DataFrame({
‘Name’: [‘Ryan’,’Rosy’,’Wills’,’Tom’,’Alice’,np.nan,’Jay’,’John’,’Ronny’],
‘Age’: [25,26,14,0,22,28,30,32,28],
‘Height’: [189.0,np.nan,200.0,155.0,np.nan,170.0,172.0,156.0,165.0]})
Display Values from Dataframe -1 and Dataframe -2 Now, we have populated the both dataframes and these are the below values from dataframes -
Image for post
Verify the datatypes for each column in both dataframes — You have to check the datatypes of your columns and ensure they are the same, as we mentioned here —

# check datatypes for each column
df1 = df1.astype(df2.dtypes.to_dict())

How to pull the matched records? — Now, we have to find out all the matched or common rows from both dataframes by comparing through merge by right_index as given blow-
#matched rows through merge by right_index
commondf=pd.merge(df1,df2, on=[‘Name’,’Age’,’Height’], right_index=True)
#show common records
Now, you can see this is very easy task to find out the matched records from two dataframes through merge by right_index property.
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